Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

About me

Looking for the beauty and listening out for the poem. Struggling sometimes, but more alive for it.

I am self-styling who I am, and who I wish to be. I am self-apprenticed for life as a writer, poet and artist.

More prosaically, but still wonderfully: by the law of averages I may be half way through my life, I have two gorgeous girls, I tutor French, and work a little in admin.

I love it when words are strung together well because they have the power to move my spirit.

I believe the bible is a treasure-trove and a spring of water for my soul.

I believe women past, present and future all have stories to tell that can change our perspective on the world.

I love watching good films and watching the rain fall. I love reading good books and I love finding beautiful curiosities in second-hand charity shops. All these things speak stories to me.

All in a corner of England.

And I am learning to live intentionally.