Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

About This Blog

This blog, like its author, is undergoing evolutionary change.

When it began in September 2010 I was looking for two things:

1. A little beauty in what then was a particularly difficult stretch of that road we call life.

2. A place to share a little of my poetry with a few interested readers.
Many - but not all - of the poems I share are what I call 'Droplet Poems'. These are no more than five lines long - a sweet drop in the ocean. See how I coined the phrase here.

Hence the name 'poetry in the prose'. We can let life become prosaic (definition: dull; lacking poetic beauty). Mine was such and as a poet I decided it was time to change that. So I began to inject the poetry back into life and to actively seek the beauty.

In October, a month after entering the blogosphere I connected with a community of creative artists and discovered I was one of them. My blog quickly evolved a third arm:
3. A place to display my paintings and drawings within that community.

But there is more coming. It was brewing from the beginning, but has needed time to fully steep, to let the aromas rise, to become rich and deep and delicious.
With the advent of 2011 I have a new word to guide me: Intentionality. These are a fourth type of post that I hope will inspire, challenge or encourage you:
4. These are my musings, sometimes a little philosophical, that make life a little more interesting, intentional and returning to the original intent of my blog in a neat circle, beautiful.

So join me please in this journey, and let us find beauty together in thought, poetry and art.


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