Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Poems

Snowed in and ill like everyone else it seems. Here are two small poetry offerings I have penned this morning for the season:


If snow sticks fast
to the fields and the firs
of the forest, then why
do I melt
at the sight of you?

The Wise

Were those men wise to follow a star
and scriptures not their own?
To step outside their comfort zone,
camel-stiff and weary, to worship
a foreign king wrapped not in royalty,
but only in godhead?

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Girl and Deer

Willowing has a monthly art challenge. This month it is to paint a girl with a deer. I have painted a few girls over the last couple of months, but animals, no. I have a Christmas decoration of a slightly stylized white deer which I love so I envisaged such a deer in a snowy scene all blues and white and sparkly.
Then I put pencil and paintbrush to paper and found instead an alert brown fawn against a background of Christmas pine green. Oh well. Now I know I can paint animals (deer, at least).


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Pink Sunrise

I looked out my bedroom window this morning and met beauty in the clouds. There have been some magnificent skies lately. It was sheer glory one day last week sitting in my car waiting for my daughter after school - the clouds were strips of gold. I so wanted to capture the moment, but I didn't have my camera. This morning, though, I took these snaps:

Of course they must inspire a couple more "droplet poems" (skies are becoming a theme: see droplets-from-sky).

Pink Dreams

Rising sleep-laden still from bed
pink comfort beckons me back
to dream-land in the sky.

And the one, being camera-less, that I can show you only in words:

Strips Of Gold

If I were a giantess I would
reach to the sparkling skies and rip
each strip of gold away
and sew them into a scarf
of light to warm my neck.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Slow The Day - Reclaiming Time

hold my hand; together
we will slow the day...

Pulling time out of the hat is the modern magician's greatest feat. Very often we have an ambivalent or indeed a negative relationship with time: there is never enough. Even in our world of 24/7.
Time ill-used stifles our personalities until we lose ourselves in the mundane and a lifeless life.
Time reclaimed frees the soul and reveals who we truly are.
Tme is there for the taking; but more often it takes from us. It takes our humanity, our spirituality, our creativity from us and buries them deep in drudgery and obligation, in busyness and thoughtlessness (by which I don't mean we become insensitive to others - though we may - but rather we fail to listen to and nurture our own thoughts).
But it can be so different if we reclaim time. If we can slow down, take a little time to think, to reflect on the world around us.
But to simply stop and wait for the thoughts, the new cleaner perspective to come, is not always easy. A vacuum is quickly filled: with that nagging voice reminding us of all the chores we are not doing while we sit doing nothing, except thinking of all those time-thieves that call to us, gifting us only guilt.

But if we claim back time for a purpose, for creativity, then we claim it back for beauty.

 If I step outside my door with a camera I will look at the world differently. I will be searching for beauty through the lens and I will see so much that I would have missed had I walked the same route with a shopping list in my hand.
If I bring that photograph home, take a paintbrush and transfer that image to the canvas I will see new possibilities in that tree, or flower, bird, woman or sky.
If I then pick up my pen and write a poem that begins with that tree, or sky, or woman, I will find another new perspective and a story behind it that I never knew was there before.
Each new discovery is beautiful. The photograph, the painting, the poem are each beautiful. The time reclaimed to create these things is beautiful time: not a thief, but a gift-giver. The satisfaction I bring into my life because I have seen the world anew and because I have brought something new into the world, is beautiful. My soul breathes again...

hold my hand; together
we will slow the day...


Friday, 3 December 2010

Beauty and Art - A Perfect Match

Thanks to Willowing and AEDM, this blog took a turn I did not expect - as did my life.
Today I want to draw together both how it began and what it became, because the fit of these things is good and will lead us into whatever comes next.
But first, my latest artwork. I am truly hooked and find myself drawn back to my desk by an invisible string every spare moment I can find. This time I decided to try a little pencil shading and I was delighted to find this girl where pencil and paper met:

I began this blog as a poet who felt her life lacked poetry. I felt life shoud be beautiful, but I was missing it. Maybe I looked a little melancholic, like my shaded girl.
So I resolved to "slow down, breathe easy...look for beauty".
What I found was Art. And a community of (mostly) women who care about things both artistic and spiritual. Like me. Here are people who encourage me to express myself in poetry and painting. Here are people who have the courage and generosity to share the beauty of their creativity with me. I can't tell you what a difference you have made!
In finding Art, I have found the beauty I was searching for. So quickly, so easily! And it is the beauty of a growing confidence in my own abilities as an artist that has wowed me the most. I am a creative soul, in the image of my Creator, and I have found that to be of value in the world.
This is where beauty truly lies - in feeling ourselves to be of worth. Whether for you that is being valued by God, or your family or a community of artists or friends - that will be what truly makes the difference in your life.
Connection. Belonging. Relationship. Acceptance. Worth.
Thanking all of you for helping me get this far in my journey. Looking forward to walking the rest of it with you...


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Bird for the Future

The last day of AEDM. Like any anticipated period of time, this month promised to be long, reached the halfway mark and sped to its end like a runner sprinting his final lap.
For my last offering I have illustrated a short poem I wrote a while ago as a poetry workshop exercise, so it is nice to make use of it in another group setting, so to speak.

Here is the poem:

An Unknown Bird

The future threw a flash of colour past my window
Like an unknown bird caught in sudden flight
And finding my own wings, I rose and followed,
Forgetful of the day I'd planned -
A new one in my sight.

I feel this is appropriate for today for two reasons.
Firstly, those few snowflakes that fell around my visiting fox yesterday increased overnight changing my plans for today. This is the scene outside as I write. I know lots of you have snow too.

The second reason is this: this blog was still new when we began AEDM so now the month is over what will this blog become? The future is full of promise so please do stick around (like snow) and see what's still to come!
This month has been great. Thank you to everyone who has visited me here and offered such encouragement. Thank you to Leah for stretching me so much at the beginning of my art journey.
Let's follow that unknown bird into the future together!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Fox In Snow

Over the last couple of days I've tried my hand at a couple of bookmarks. I will need to laminate them if they are to be of any use, but in the meantime here they are:


The first is a little more golden than the photo suggests. The second is a birds-eye view of a bird. Although it makes me think of a fish. And an alien. So it is my bird-fish-alien.

So why did I name this blog post "Fox In Snow"?
Because when I woke this morning I spotted this fox resting in my garden. And a little later we had a snow shower, just visible in the last snap.


Friday, 26 November 2010

Droplets from the Sky

The sky is an endless source of fascination and beauty, always changing, whether blue, cloud-heavy or red with the sunset. Here are two droplet poems fallen from incredible skies:


Crazy sky scribbled
into abstract art
by the hand of God
and the setting sun.

After the Storm

Stormclouds ruptured by Silver
Sun-rays - like a Second Coming
Without the Trumpet Call -

Why don't you try capturing a sky in a few words? Aren't we human beings amazing? We can hold the entire expanse above us on our tongues (sorry, that last bit might be a little weird :) ).


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What An Angel May Bring

The final week (for now!!) of Willowing's Art, Heart and Healing course gave us the task (or opportunity as I prefer to think of it) to create an Invitation Angel. This encourages us to be open to (rather than demand) something more in our lives. My angel immediately, though simply, offered LOVE.
Here are two photos of her taken in different light:

Now we all love a beautiful feminine angel, and I delight in mine. But actually she is a million miles from what I believe a true angel to be. An angel, for me, is a strong, powerful, awesome warrior and to the extent that one may ascribe gender to a heavenly being, male. He is to be feared - in a good way. Now a male presence like that would be something to celebrated as much as my gentle, beautiful love angel. He would be determined to bring love too.

How interesting to explore how radically different figures might carry the same message. The wonderful thing about this AEDM month (apart from the art I'm doing in it) is the inspiration that will be carried over into the months to come (I'd like to try painting my male angel).

Which leads me to another thing. It will be over soon (remarkably quickly, don't you think?) and that begs the question, what will this blog look like post AEDM? I am anticipating a certain melange of things - a continued display of Art as it happens , and of Poetry which is more where I started and also a return to my search for Beauty beyond the obvious (like my angel!). I also hope to explore some Philosophy of Life (such as the angelic guises in which love may come) and I really hope you will want to join my exploration because it will be so much more of a growth journey with your thoughts linking with mine.

So please hang around next month too and join in the journey. Let's go arm in arm together!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mulberry Tree and Night Crows

Willowing has a monthly challenge and this November we were invited to try our hand at a painting inspired by Van Gogh. I took his "The Mulberry Tree" and "Wheat Field With Crows" as my inspiration and came up with this:

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Heart of Darkness

Yesterday was a dark day for me and I wanted to paint with black. So I decided to experiment further along the background route I began a few days ago and this is the result:

Needed to add a little colour to the black, then I found this old eclipse photograph which I turned round and discovered it looked a little like a heart, so suddenly I had my wording and the painting came together. Suddenly the darkness seemed to have something bright at its centre. Hope where I had expected to find only bleakness. Psychologically interesting.

Today I'm back to working on bigger projects, but until we next meet, here's a droplet poem for you:

Upon your absence

O my sweet, sweet love have you
fallen from the edge of the earth
as you searched wide for me?
Or have you in madness
just fallen for somebody new?


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Messy Art Is Great!

I've missed a few days posting, but have been busy with art and general creativeness, so it's time for a catch up. I'm not displaying a piece for every day I've missed - some of my work is still in progress (isn't that great!), but here's what I've got so far:

I said, having painted Eve last week, that I needed to learn how to paint backgrounds. Well I got down and messy and loved it - threw the paint on, didn't panic when I wasn't happy, just threw on more until I was. This is what turned out:

I overcame two lifelong aversions: tearing up books and losing control. It felt great!

I've found that it's ok to mess up photos too. It's exciting to be going mixed media too:

I'm 20 years older and greyer than this photo, but who cares - it's how you feel inside that counts, isn't girls?!

And finally a little poem droplet:

Dragon's Breath

If I could breathe the fire of dragons
I would not need to catch my breath
At the thought of you.

Louise X

Thursday, 11 November 2010


I promised something more substantial today and here it is:

This is Eve. I have wanted to paint her for ages now, but I haven't dared attempt her - not believing I could paint faces. Thanks to Willowing that is a negative belief I have been able to prove untrue. And she is my first blonde. My other success in this painting is the speed with which I produced it - from first sketch to finished product just two days. Now I know speed is not the point here and I want to cultivate a greater care in this new venture of mine, but in this instance it simply shows me what is possible.

Now what I am not happy with is the background. I need to do some serious practice with this. I need to get a lot braver. Look out for my progress...
The colours are another problem - both the background and the serpent. But you know what? I've learnt that's ok. I don't have to get everything right first time round. It's not about perfection; it's about expression.
I know I will paint this picture again sometime - different colours, darker background. I'm looking forward to it, though it won't be for a while...

What I am happy with though is my tree and Adam on that serpent-Eve pathway to where? Heaven or Hell? What do you think?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Snowflakes - AEDM 10

A very hasty stamped pink snowflake design today. Working on something more substantial for tomorrow...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Poems and Pictures

I've missed a few days, but have not been idle! So below are 4 offerings from ADEM days 6-9.
Day 6 brought a droplet poem:


The slate tiles that we generally call clouds
roof in the sky, but provide
no shelter from the storm they herald.

Day 7, a face:

Day 8, another poem written on the train on my way home from work in London. Due to disruptions I spent longer travelling than I did working yesterday. Glad I had a poem to write!

Train Home

As the cramped carriage hurtles homeward
how can you tell
if the man whose knees mirror yours
has a tender tongue or a harsh hand?

How can you tell
if the woman whose eyes hide behind dark orbs
nurses open wounds, carries secrets
or basks in a moment of serenity?

Today, day 9, I have painted a tulip with watercolour crayons:

Hope you like these. X

Friday, 5 November 2010

Whimsies & ADEM 5

I did it! I hoped to finish my Willowing whimsies today and I have! I've been working on them for the last week and a half and I love them. I hope you like them too. They are my art every day month offering for today too. Two birds with one stone (thinking about it that's not a nice expression is it?)
These are my lovely girls though who are very nice: the one ready to lead the other home. Sometimes that's just what we need...


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Yellow Leaves - AEDM days 3 & 4

I didn't manage to post yesterday - crisis time at home kept me away from the computer - but I did carve out a little time for a quick painting inspired by the gorgeous trees at the top of my road.

Trees were the only thing I could paint when I was at school, but I'm afraid I'm well out of practice now, especially when squeezed amidst a crisis.
Today I'm working on my bigger art project for Willowing which I'm hoping to maybe finish tomorrow and then show you...
So today comes my first little droplet poem on the same autumn theme:

Yellow Leaves

Hidden wind chimes sing accompaniment
To the leaves that fall in yellow
Showers from the beeches at the roadside.

If they're short enough I'll tweet my droplet poems too. (Link to my twitter page at the bottom of this blog). X

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rose - AEDM day 2

Wow! I know it's only day 2, but so far I am doing this. This is another of my new stamps, coloured with ordinary coloured pencils.

It's not to late to join Leah's Art Every Day Month! Thanks to those who visited yesterday. If you didn't do pop back to see day 1 to find out what I'm doing this month - it's all about mini art and droplet poems. It's great to travel around the blogosphere and see all the creativity out there!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Mini Art and Droplet Poems

Call it a sign. Call it serendipity. Call it an opportunity.
Like many opportunities I almost passed it by. But then I chose not to. This is what a beautiful life is all about: grasping opportunities, embracing what they bring.

Last night I stumbled across Art Every Day Month due to begin today, 1st November. It being the eve of the month it was a perfect time to sign up, so why did I hesitate?
Because it seems like a big ask - Art Every Day - even for a month. And I am still doing Art, Heart and Healing. And I am so new at this - a baby artist, not a month old.
So I hesitated. Then I took the bull by the horns and added my name, commiting myself to the opportunity.
Being still a babe in arms, the steps I take over this next month will be baby ones. But that's ok. Making something manageable, makes it possible. So with perhaps one or two exceptions, I intend to embrace baby art.

Yesterday my eldest daughter and I let ourselves loose at an art store, beginning our stamp collection and stocking up on a few other goodies besides, some water soluable wax pastels, some shiny bronze mosaic tiles.
So I will practise using our hoard on pieces of mini-art, small experiments. Here is today's offering:

The original is only an inch across - I've just added colour to a stamp. I know now I won't manage to do the art and post every day, but I hope to offer you a fair selection with some frequency.

Of course my first artistic love is poetry and that comes in mini versions too, so I would like to try my hand at that as part of my art month, interspersing the art of words and pictures as the month progresses.
Back in the summer (remember the summer, now the nights are closing in early?) during my holiday in Normandy, France, I picked up a wonderful book at a vide grenier (that's an empty attic sale, garage or car boot depending on your origins). It is called "Il pleut des poemes" and it is an anthology of mini verse, collected together by Jean-Marie Henry and illustrated by Zau. Each poem is a snippet - two lines long, six at the very most. A brief picture in words. Here is the introductory poem by Jean-Pierre Simeon:

Le poeme est une goutte d'eau,
il donne au desert l'idee de la fleur.

A poem is a water droplet,
it gives the desert the thought of a flower.

(my translation)

So here's to mini-art and droplet poems! (Glasses clink, can't you hear them?)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Last Friday I posted the pencil sketch I did as the beginning of the first lesson of Tammy's Art, Heart and Healing course - the first face I've ever had the joy of drawing and being delighted with. Since then the watercolour crayons have arrived and I have brought my girl to life with colour (again under Tammy's awesome tuition).
As the healing part of this exercise we were to add a text to our drawing as an encouragement to ourselves, to understand the positive message our communication-impoverished inner critics were whispering. I was so pleased with my girl that I was reluctant to sully her with words, to pin her down forever with a single message.
But I chose to complete the exercise and I can't tell you how pleased I am that I did! Providing her with a voice brought her to life. She is not limited by the words I have given her; rather she has taken on an identity of her own and now I can relate to her on her terms and I love her for that.
Here she is, my first masterpiece:

And here, her message magnified:

The encouragement of these words to me is twofold.
Firstly, they encourage me to continue in this new art journey without fearing that things will go wrong. If I have learnt one thing from Tammy's lessons it's that you can layer over anything until you are happy with it so eventually it will turn out right!
The second encouragement is as I apply this message to my life. I am currently struggling with an uncertain future, and am unsure which steps to take. But I believe in a God who cares for me, in an ultimately just universe and in my own convictions to do what is good and right and what, at the end of the day, I must. If these things are true then whatever the journey and the uncertain steps I must take I can be confident that what I do will turn out right.
So whatever lies ahead, in art and life, do not be afraid, but step forward with CONFIDENCE.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Joy of Art and Toadstools

This week I have had the Joy of beginning Tammy's Art, Heart & Healing course and thanks to her amazing, patient and detailed instruction I have drawn a face I am happy with. Such Joy!

The next task is to add colour, but am waiting for the watercolour crayons to arrive.

Second pocket of Joy this week: while out walking I stumbled upon this fairy toadstool! Made me happy.

Since it's Friday I thought I might link these two moments of Joy to Monica's:

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Autumn - Where My Poems Spring From!!

I have discovered L.L. Barkat's On In And Around Mondays writing link and it reminded me of where my poetry sprang from.
As a teenager I wrote anguished poetry, as certain souls do. Then I grew out of it for a while. Four years ago I grew back into it (much of it still anguished, but not always). I ventured back via Autumn leaves - my first poem then swirled with the colours of Autumn, weaved into a royal rug of red and golden hues. Since then the weather and the seasons have been a strong element in my verse.
 But today's offering is in keeping with where I am around this Monday (yesterday). I write this looking out at my Autumn garden, here in Essex, England.

          The Autumn Garden

The rain is light, but unhurried as if wishing
To be somewhere else entirely.
Drops catch on the four webs
Which drape the iron fence,

The bare patch in the yard
Where the summer's swimming pool
Stripped the grass from the earth
Is sprouting again, green heads
Like lost friends returning.

A squirrel, settled migrant, interloper,
Tight-ropes the bough of the cherry
Severing leaves. A blue tit
Emerges from a drainage gap
In the brick wall.

Beneath the misplaced gum, stones
Mark tiny graves where the children
Buried platys and guppies
From our tank after disease
Swept through.

The rosemary bush in the southern bed
Lifts the upturned triangle of its branches
In welcome, but the rain
Still reluctant, ungenial,
Peters out...

So now you know where I am as I send out my posts.
If you write poetry, what was your springboard? Was it the weather, a season, a mood, a drama in your life? Do share the story.
And remember to check out the other poems and seasonal writings linked to L.L. Barkat's link above.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Schools Fail To Breed Young Poets - But They Can't Silence Us!

I was sooooo looking forward to today. My daughter was one of 4 children from her primary school to be invited to a poetry workshop for the day. They a needed a mum to accompany the children so of course I volunteered - even poetry skills for 10 year olds would be something I could benefit from (not too proud here). We were going to learn how to express something wonderful through children's poetry - not an area I've ever ventured into before.
But despair! The day has been cancelled because not a sufficient number of schools signed up to support it!!! If our schools don't promote the wonder of words strung together in surprising and  revelatory ways, then how will our future poets hone their budding skills? My girl and I are beyond disappointment.
So I have tried my hand at an out-of-character little ditty. Who needs the guidance of a professional anyway? (Maybe me you'll say after you read my feeble offering...) So here it is, but be sure to read it with a lilt to your voice:

The Seas
The blue seas, the red seas, the every-type of colour seas.
Rise on the swell, fall back from the land,
Swash and buckle, ripple the sand.

Ripple the sand on the clean sea shore,
Lift the waves high, smooth the sea floor.

The blue seas, the red seas, the every-type of colour seas.
Salt the earth well, wash away the foam.
Blast the world with colour wherever you roam.

That one's for my beautiful girl. I'm going to see if she would like to write a poem too...
If you've never written a children's poem, why don't you try it too. Post them here - I'd love to read them. It's our poetry workshop day after all!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Beauty of Discipline

Like many things discipline can have conflicting connotations depending on your point of view.
It can seem harsh and controlling. It can be associated with punishment and pain.
Our heavenly Father disciplines us for our good, it says in Proverbs 3:11-12. His motivation is love. His discipline sets us on the right path where we can grow and mature and flourish in his care. It's not a reactive revenge, but a proactive encouragement.
Then there is the discipline we exercise within ourselves to get the job done. This of course varies depending on the job to be done. Try as I might to do regular exercise, my self-discipline is poor and I continue to lapse into idleness and my body suffers for it. I need to care more for myself and discipline myself to that end.
This blog requires discipline, as any regular writing activity does. I'll while away hours browsing the musings of others, but when it comes to the weekly update of my own thoughts, I hesitate. What shall I write this week? Is it worth the effort?
Why this internal struggle, this self-doubt when the rewards are great? Although I doubt it, there is always something to write. My mind is brimming, not empty and blank as I sometimes fear.
Who will read this? Perhaps someone will, maybe many. Even if none read it but myself it is still not in vain for I myself have benefitted and grown from the act.
I have been disciplined, which in itself is an achievement, because I haven't given up, I haven't failed and that alone builds me up. Then I have produced something - the blank page now has something to say. That is an achievement. I have created something where there was nothing and in the image of my Creator I rejoice. I have encouraged myself, stimulated my thoughts and grown as a person. And just maybe, because this page is "out there" instead of in the private notebook in my drawer, I will encourage someone else.
So whatever you do, don't shirk discipline. Don't be fooled by negative connotations. Embrace it and it will reward you. Like exercise it will make us feel a little more alive and that is always a beautiful thing.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Moody rainfalls

Thursdays have been the days for blogging, but yesterday - my fourth Thursday - life got in the way. Life has a habit of being lived even when we would rather press the pause button. It was a hard day, a sit in the car in a layby and cry day.
Today is a different day and life is still playing. Jesus encourages us to let each day take care of itself. I find that incredibly hard to do. Yesterday and tomorrow clamour for my attention. But there is something reassuring in knowing that today is only ever one day long and the only day I can ever really deal with. Very often more than that is just too much.
Yesterday the sun was shining, but it didn't help me with my day. Today it is raining and that is helping because it fits my mood better which again is reassuring. Like the heavens are telling me it's ok to cry. The sun seems to stand in defiance of sadness; the rain embraces it. I like the dark glint to the day when it rains. I like the coolness. I like the smell that rises from the grass and leaves as they dampen and saturate.

The steady drizzle of English rain quietens my spirit; when we are blessed with a downpour I marvel at the amount of water that is suddenly torrenting down the street.
I love the rain. So today is the better for it.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wanna hear a confession?

For anybody not counting, this is my third ever blog post and the time has come where I feel the urge to confess - but not just yet...
What I can tell you is that I created this blog as part of a search of beauty in my day, for poetry in a life that feels like it is lacking that just now. I hoped that by looking for it I might find it. And I'm playing "finders keepers".
Of course you know there are two types of people - cat lovers and dog lovers -no, sorry! Extroverts and Introverts. (I'm allergic to cats, but whenever I shy away from one someone says to me: "So don't you like cats, then?" I do like them, but they make me sneeze. I don't know why people assume antipathy).
So, extroverts and introverts. This is less about timidity and more about where your energy comes from. If you are invigoured by a night out (or three) with friends and strangers you are an extrovert. If you renew your batteries with a quiet night in, a bath and a good book, you are an introvert.
I am an introvert (no, that's not the confession). Maybe this is why I'm writing a blog and not having friends round for dinner. And maybe this is why my photo is currently of a tamarin monkey and not of me.
But even introverts don't always want to be alone. Even introverts sometimes find beauty in connecting with other people (for example see last week's post). So today I have a request (oh and yes, a confession).
First the request: if you read this could you please leave a comment just to say hi. So I know there's someone out there.
Now (yes, now!) the confession: this is only my third blog post (did I mention that already?) and I don't have a clue what I'm doing! But I'm finding my way round a blog or two and I'm trying to learn. Don't understand etiquette on linking or such like yet. Any tips most welcome.
So do drop in and say hi, and I may or may not figure out how to respond, but know if you do you will have made my day! So I'll say thanks in advance.
love Louise
P.S. I know that was a rubbish confession. If you have any better ones you could include them too!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Someone in the silence

Part of the prose of modern life is waiting for a sometimes inexplicably slow internet connection. Part of the poetry is the encounter with someone you would never have the chance to meet in the "real" world.
Once in a while that can make all the difference, especially to a lonely day. Not only have I had that joy this week, but from the encounter sprang forth a poem. Double joy! So thank you, Laura.

 In The Silence

In the silence
I threw my voice wide to see
What the echo would bring.
Knocking me sideways
It brought you
A spirit-twin
I had missed my whole life
Because I feared the sound of my voice
In the silence

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Come see the beauty

My life is not very poetic, but I love poetry. It concocts an alchemy in my soul. So it follows I must need more of it in my life...
Do you feel this way too?
I propose a journey for you and me - let's find the poetry in life together!

Of course I write poems, of course I read them. Watch out and I may post some!
But I want my life to be a poem too. I want to slow down and see the beauty. I want to breathe easy even while the world is rushing by.

When I see the beauty I will let you know. Then maybe you will see it too...