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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rose - AEDM day 2

Wow! I know it's only day 2, but so far I am doing this. This is another of my new stamps, coloured with ordinary coloured pencils.

It's not to late to join Leah's Art Every Day Month! Thanks to those who visited yesterday. If you didn't do pop back to see day 1 to find out what I'm doing this month - it's all about mini art and droplet poems. It's great to travel around the blogosphere and see all the creativity out there!


  1. I love it: mini art and droplet poems - did I miss the one here or are you doing them separate from each other! (nice to meet you thru AEDM) hmmm - or is the title the droplet poem? that would work!

  2. Pretty! So soft looking. I like the double concept too.

  3. Hi there thank you for your lovely visit to my blog, so nice to 'meet' you :0)

    Lovely piece so soft and delicate :0)