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Friday, 17 December 2010

Girl and Deer

Willowing has a monthly art challenge. This month it is to paint a girl with a deer. I have painted a few girls over the last couple of months, but animals, no. I have a Christmas decoration of a slightly stylized white deer which I love so I envisaged such a deer in a snowy scene all blues and white and sparkly.
Then I put pencil and paintbrush to paper and found instead an alert brown fawn against a background of Christmas pine green. Oh well. Now I know I can paint animals (deer, at least).



  1. WOW! I am so impressed! Your deer is so beautiful and I love the sideways expression! Wonderful work!
    Thank you for the sweet comment - I hope you are enjoying the holidays and have a fabulous day, xoxox

  2. Wow is right! Louise, I love your painting! The deer is so sweet with it's fawn spots. I've had the pleasure of seeing a few of those in the wild here - yesterday to be exact. I was too chicken to try the challenge, I want to take her class first. Ha! Great job!!!

  3. I love your deer! And congrats for trying something new. I love how we're being pushed outside of ourselves :)

  4. aedm is very nice to do! it brings up creativity

  5. Ahhhh this is so cute! I love that deer!