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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Pink Sunrise

I looked out my bedroom window this morning and met beauty in the clouds. There have been some magnificent skies lately. It was sheer glory one day last week sitting in my car waiting for my daughter after school - the clouds were strips of gold. I so wanted to capture the moment, but I didn't have my camera. This morning, though, I took these snaps:

Of course they must inspire a couple more "droplet poems" (skies are becoming a theme: see droplets-from-sky).

Pink Dreams

Rising sleep-laden still from bed
pink comfort beckons me back
to dream-land in the sky.

And the one, being camera-less, that I can show you only in words:

Strips Of Gold

If I were a giantess I would
reach to the sparkling skies and rip
each strip of gold away
and sew them into a scarf
of light to warm my neck.



  1. The colour of the sky is delicious. I'm loving your poems today... the imagery is so vivid - I can hear the gold ripping like a strip of fabric... and feel the warmth of the scarf