Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Droplets from the Sky

The sky is an endless source of fascination and beauty, always changing, whether blue, cloud-heavy or red with the sunset. Here are two droplet poems fallen from incredible skies:


Crazy sky scribbled
into abstract art
by the hand of God
and the setting sun.

After the Storm

Stormclouds ruptured by Silver
Sun-rays - like a Second Coming
Without the Trumpet Call -

Why don't you try capturing a sky in a few words? Aren't we human beings amazing? We can hold the entire expanse above us on our tongues (sorry, that last bit might be a little weird :) ).



  1. That's not weird at all; I love the imagery and possibility in that line. Even when you're not "writing poems" you are writing poems:)

  2. I love the idea of nature as abstract art. Lovely poems!

  3. Thank you both! Glad you don't think it weird Bobbi. I do care about the words I choose and like to be poetic when I can manage it. But if you step a little to the side of normal it's easy to doubt yourself, so I was just checking! Guess it's an example of poetry in the prose.

  4. No, not weird at all! So beautifully written! I am going to share this one with my mom. She will love it! You have a wonderful gift with your words, don't doubt yourself!