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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I bought myself a A5 black bound sketchbook at the start of the year to explore my new drawing habit with the aid of a couple of online groups.It is just so exciting to have a pristine new book to work with! Here are two examples of the work I've produced so far.
This first is in honour of "Cosmos" the January theme for Creative Every Day - a literal interpretation.

This one is inspired by the Sketchbook Challenge whose January theme is "Highly Prized". In these winter months "Warmth" is highly prized and I have illustrated two sources of warmth.

I am enjoying being motivated to put pencil to paper. However, though dedicated to honing my new artistic skills this year, this blog was never intended to be just a showcase for them (didn't know I had them when I started!) so I also need to devote some time to sharing other thoughts with you here.

I have a couple of days to myself this week (bliss!) and am making plans for both life and blog, so do stay tuned for what the future holds as I practice my 2011 commitment to Intentionality. Promise to tell you more about what I'm doing soon.



  1. great word for the year.

    nothing like a new sketchbook too. YUM. i'm trying to decide if i have an excuse for one. lol

  2. always good to art journaling!

  3. congratulations on your new sketchbook: it's always exciting to start one!
    Nice sketches!
    marina @the box of colors

  4. Cool sketches! What fun. I really like your word choice for 2011. Can't wait to hear what you're up to!

  5. I adore your cosmos drawing - especially the stars!
    I am also a member at Willowing!