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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hard Times

We all hit times when it's difficult to keep going.
When we do we have a Choice:

We can let it get to us, we can falter, lose our step, lose our Self.
We can stand against the threat. We can believe we have what it takes to get through.
We can believe in our Self.

It can be that we need encouragement to choose the second option.
I wrote the poem below last night for a little self-motivation, a reminder to Self of who I am and what I can do.
May it remind you too, whenever you need it to.
With my love attached.

I Will Stand

I will stand against the rain,
Beneath the clouds,
In the face of thunder.
I will not bow
To the lightning strike
Though it set fire to my soul.
I will not shelter from the storm
Though it rage through the branches of the elm
And through my heart.

I will lift my head
And drink the rain,
Let the cool flow of it
Coat my throat,
Let the sound of thunder
Echo through the stone,
Let the wind shout its secrets
To my bones.
I will lift my head.
I will stand against the rain.



  1. Awesome! This poem is very encouraging for me. So beautifully expressive and visual. This is the second blog post today I have really connected to. My blog friends are awesome! I'm standing against the rain with you! hugs, Jessi xox

  2. I will lift my head and drink the rain. Beautiful. Terah

  3. touching, powerful and beautiful

  4. ah, not easy to stand against the strikes.