Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wanna hear a confession?

For anybody not counting, this is my third ever blog post and the time has come where I feel the urge to confess - but not just yet...
What I can tell you is that I created this blog as part of a search of beauty in my day, for poetry in a life that feels like it is lacking that just now. I hoped that by looking for it I might find it. And I'm playing "finders keepers".
Of course you know there are two types of people - cat lovers and dog lovers -no, sorry! Extroverts and Introverts. (I'm allergic to cats, but whenever I shy away from one someone says to me: "So don't you like cats, then?" I do like them, but they make me sneeze. I don't know why people assume antipathy).
So, extroverts and introverts. This is less about timidity and more about where your energy comes from. If you are invigoured by a night out (or three) with friends and strangers you are an extrovert. If you renew your batteries with a quiet night in, a bath and a good book, you are an introvert.
I am an introvert (no, that's not the confession). Maybe this is why I'm writing a blog and not having friends round for dinner. And maybe this is why my photo is currently of a tamarin monkey and not of me.
But even introverts don't always want to be alone. Even introverts sometimes find beauty in connecting with other people (for example see last week's post). So today I have a request (oh and yes, a confession).
First the request: if you read this could you please leave a comment just to say hi. So I know there's someone out there.
Now (yes, now!) the confession: this is only my third blog post (did I mention that already?) and I don't have a clue what I'm doing! But I'm finding my way round a blog or two and I'm trying to learn. Don't understand etiquette on linking or such like yet. Any tips most welcome.
So do drop in and say hi, and I may or may not figure out how to respond, but know if you do you will have made my day! So I'll say thanks in advance.
love Louise
P.S. I know that was a rubbish confession. If you have any better ones you could include them too!


  1. Dear Louise,
    Just popping in to say hi! I jumped over from the holistic mum blog. I can relate to being on this journey... figuring out "life" is so tricky!
    I'm an introvert too, I love being alone and am exhausted by too much out-of-the-home activity, sometimes I forget that I need to be with people too! I need the social interaction and the friendly relationships.
    I know how you feel - blogging into the vast empty blog-sphere, wondering if anyone is reading. I'd recommend installing a site-meter. That helps me know at least SOMEONE is listening, even if they are not leaving a comment.
    The more you link-up and leave comments on blogs you like the more friends you'll make!
    Madeline Bea has a great link-up I think you'd love:
    Good luck with your blogging :)

  2. Faith
    Thank you so much for my first ever comment! Really kind. I have installed the site meter and am learning how to keep track of who visits which is encouraging and it's fun to know we're connecting around the world!I'm becoming a bit of a blog addict myself so hopefully more connections will be forthcoming.
    P.S. And for anyone confused by the monkey in this post - I've changed my photo so maybe it looks a little bit more like me - almost human now.