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Friday, 1 October 2010

Moody rainfalls

Thursdays have been the days for blogging, but yesterday - my fourth Thursday - life got in the way. Life has a habit of being lived even when we would rather press the pause button. It was a hard day, a sit in the car in a layby and cry day.
Today is a different day and life is still playing. Jesus encourages us to let each day take care of itself. I find that incredibly hard to do. Yesterday and tomorrow clamour for my attention. But there is something reassuring in knowing that today is only ever one day long and the only day I can ever really deal with. Very often more than that is just too much.
Yesterday the sun was shining, but it didn't help me with my day. Today it is raining and that is helping because it fits my mood better which again is reassuring. Like the heavens are telling me it's ok to cry. The sun seems to stand in defiance of sadness; the rain embraces it. I like the dark glint to the day when it rains. I like the coolness. I like the smell that rises from the grass and leaves as they dampen and saturate.

The steady drizzle of English rain quietens my spirit; when we are blessed with a downpour I marvel at the amount of water that is suddenly torrenting down the street.
I love the rain. So today is the better for it.

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