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Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Beauty of Discipline

Like many things discipline can have conflicting connotations depending on your point of view.
It can seem harsh and controlling. It can be associated with punishment and pain.
Our heavenly Father disciplines us for our good, it says in Proverbs 3:11-12. His motivation is love. His discipline sets us on the right path where we can grow and mature and flourish in his care. It's not a reactive revenge, but a proactive encouragement.
Then there is the discipline we exercise within ourselves to get the job done. This of course varies depending on the job to be done. Try as I might to do regular exercise, my self-discipline is poor and I continue to lapse into idleness and my body suffers for it. I need to care more for myself and discipline myself to that end.
This blog requires discipline, as any regular writing activity does. I'll while away hours browsing the musings of others, but when it comes to the weekly update of my own thoughts, I hesitate. What shall I write this week? Is it worth the effort?
Why this internal struggle, this self-doubt when the rewards are great? Although I doubt it, there is always something to write. My mind is brimming, not empty and blank as I sometimes fear.
Who will read this? Perhaps someone will, maybe many. Even if none read it but myself it is still not in vain for I myself have benefitted and grown from the act.
I have been disciplined, which in itself is an achievement, because I haven't given up, I haven't failed and that alone builds me up. Then I have produced something - the blank page now has something to say. That is an achievement. I have created something where there was nothing and in the image of my Creator I rejoice. I have encouraged myself, stimulated my thoughts and grown as a person. And just maybe, because this page is "out there" instead of in the private notebook in my drawer, I will encourage someone else.
So whatever you do, don't shirk discipline. Don't be fooled by negative connotations. Embrace it and it will reward you. Like exercise it will make us feel a little more alive and that is always a beautiful thing.

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  1. This is so well written, I love it....although you were encouraging yourself, you've encouraged me as well :D Thank you and keep on doing your thing.....

    Spotted you thru AEDM this morning