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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Schools Fail To Breed Young Poets - But They Can't Silence Us!

I was sooooo looking forward to today. My daughter was one of 4 children from her primary school to be invited to a poetry workshop for the day. They a needed a mum to accompany the children so of course I volunteered - even poetry skills for 10 year olds would be something I could benefit from (not too proud here). We were going to learn how to express something wonderful through children's poetry - not an area I've ever ventured into before.
But despair! The day has been cancelled because not a sufficient number of schools signed up to support it!!! If our schools don't promote the wonder of words strung together in surprising and  revelatory ways, then how will our future poets hone their budding skills? My girl and I are beyond disappointment.
So I have tried my hand at an out-of-character little ditty. Who needs the guidance of a professional anyway? (Maybe me you'll say after you read my feeble offering...) So here it is, but be sure to read it with a lilt to your voice:

The Seas
The blue seas, the red seas, the every-type of colour seas.
Rise on the swell, fall back from the land,
Swash and buckle, ripple the sand.

Ripple the sand on the clean sea shore,
Lift the waves high, smooth the sea floor.

The blue seas, the red seas, the every-type of colour seas.
Salt the earth well, wash away the foam.
Blast the world with colour wherever you roam.

That one's for my beautiful girl. I'm going to see if she would like to write a poem too...
If you've never written a children's poem, why don't you try it too. Post them here - I'd love to read them. It's our poetry workshop day after all!

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  1. Make your own poetry workshop. I like that.

    And I like the idea of spreading color wherever I roam. :)