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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Bird for the Future

The last day of AEDM. Like any anticipated period of time, this month promised to be long, reached the halfway mark and sped to its end like a runner sprinting his final lap.
For my last offering I have illustrated a short poem I wrote a while ago as a poetry workshop exercise, so it is nice to make use of it in another group setting, so to speak.

Here is the poem:

An Unknown Bird

The future threw a flash of colour past my window
Like an unknown bird caught in sudden flight
And finding my own wings, I rose and followed,
Forgetful of the day I'd planned -
A new one in my sight.

I feel this is appropriate for today for two reasons.
Firstly, those few snowflakes that fell around my visiting fox yesterday increased overnight changing my plans for today. This is the scene outside as I write. I know lots of you have snow too.

The second reason is this: this blog was still new when we began AEDM so now the month is over what will this blog become? The future is full of promise so please do stick around (like snow) and see what's still to come!
This month has been great. Thank you to everyone who has visited me here and offered such encouragement. Thank you to Leah for stretching me so much at the beginning of my art journey.
Let's follow that unknown bird into the future together!


  1. Very pretty piece and poem Louise!

    Who indeed knows what's to come on this art journey just that the journey itself is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful images! And I agree with Eva the journey is wonderful!

  3. Your poem and artwork are lovely, Louise! It has been so nice to meet me on AEDM!

  4. what a beautiful poem, so lovely with your bird art. so glad you found yourself stretching this month!

  5. What a lovely poem and bird.

    Nice to have met you during AEDM. Good luck with your blog and your creative endeavors!

  6. What a lovely whimsical illustration of your lovely words! Thanks for stopping in to see me, Louise. I am still new to this poetry thing, but enjoying it tremendously.

    Your fox is just gorgeous too.

  7. beautiful the pictures , too :)

  8. Your poetry and art - just lovely! It speaks to my soul.