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Monday, 29 November 2010

Fox In Snow

Over the last couple of days I've tried my hand at a couple of bookmarks. I will need to laminate them if they are to be of any use, but in the meantime here they are:


The first is a little more golden than the photo suggests. The second is a birds-eye view of a bird. Although it makes me think of a fish. And an alien. So it is my bird-fish-alien.

So why did I name this blog post "Fox In Snow"?
Because when I woke this morning I spotted this fox resting in my garden. And a little later we had a snow shower, just visible in the last snap.



  1. i love to do books marks it is very fun, for mine i used recycled papers likes back of enveloppes...
    the fox is beautifull

  2. I love the bird's eye view. Funny that we usually think about bird's eye view but now we have other eyes looking down on bird :-D

    It does look like fish too but I think it's too cute to be an alien though :-)

  3. Your book marks are adorable. Reminds me I can make some for Christmas as well as the poetry books I am working on.

    The fox is so sweet, too. Love those little ones!

    My aedm check in is here.

  4. Great bookmarks and such a sweet adorable little fox!

  5. I've never thought of making book marks before. Yours turned out great.

  6. I love your bookmarks, what a great idea. It is so rare for me to see a fox, when I do it is such a blessing. Wonderful photos.

  7. great bookmarks!

    that fox is so sweet looking, napping in your yard!

  8. What a beautiful fox. So comfy in your yard. Even the furry critters outside feel comfortable in your vicinity. Yours must be a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You must be doing something right!