Slow down, breathe easy, make a poem of your life. Don't let life rush by; reflect. Look for beauty and rejuvenate your soul.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Whimsies & ADEM 5

I did it! I hoped to finish my Willowing whimsies today and I have! I've been working on them for the last week and a half and I love them. I hope you like them too. They are my art every day month offering for today too. Two birds with one stone (thinking about it that's not a nice expression is it?)
These are my lovely girls though who are very nice: the one ready to lead the other home. Sometimes that's just what we need...



  1. These are beautiful! I signed up for Tam's art course too and wouldn't you know it I've been so stinking busy I have not been able to start. Gaaahhh. I love these faces. They look so full of wonder and indeed whimsical.

  2. The eyes! They are so glimmery looking, they just grabbed me.