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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Heart of Darkness

Yesterday was a dark day for me and I wanted to paint with black. So I decided to experiment further along the background route I began a few days ago and this is the result:

Needed to add a little colour to the black, then I found this old eclipse photograph which I turned round and discovered it looked a little like a heart, so suddenly I had my wording and the painting came together. Suddenly the darkness seemed to have something bright at its centre. Hope where I had expected to find only bleakness. Psychologically interesting.

Today I'm back to working on bigger projects, but until we next meet, here's a droplet poem for you:

Upon your absence

O my sweet, sweet love have you
fallen from the edge of the earth
as you searched wide for me?
Or have you in madness
just fallen for somebody new?



  1. An Artist and Poet! A girl after my own heart - thank you so much for your sweet comment yesterday: I love your fairy-tale concept, that made me smile! Really looking forward to taking Willowing's fairy tale class later in next year if I can - they have always intrigued me . . .
    Beautiful work here - I love your Eve and Dragon's breath poem especially! I will be back as I am now a "follower!" xo

  2. Really great piece, I love how the light shines through the darkness.

  3. Oh Louise - So beautiful! The words and the art!!!