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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What An Angel May Bring

The final week (for now!!) of Willowing's Art, Heart and Healing course gave us the task (or opportunity as I prefer to think of it) to create an Invitation Angel. This encourages us to be open to (rather than demand) something more in our lives. My angel immediately, though simply, offered LOVE.
Here are two photos of her taken in different light:

Now we all love a beautiful feminine angel, and I delight in mine. But actually she is a million miles from what I believe a true angel to be. An angel, for me, is a strong, powerful, awesome warrior and to the extent that one may ascribe gender to a heavenly being, male. He is to be feared - in a good way. Now a male presence like that would be something to celebrated as much as my gentle, beautiful love angel. He would be determined to bring love too.

How interesting to explore how radically different figures might carry the same message. The wonderful thing about this AEDM month (apart from the art I'm doing in it) is the inspiration that will be carried over into the months to come (I'd like to try painting my male angel).

Which leads me to another thing. It will be over soon (remarkably quickly, don't you think?) and that begs the question, what will this blog look like post AEDM? I am anticipating a certain melange of things - a continued display of Art as it happens , and of Poetry which is more where I started and also a return to my search for Beauty beyond the obvious (like my angel!). I also hope to explore some Philosophy of Life (such as the angelic guises in which love may come) and I really hope you will want to join my exploration because it will be so much more of a growth journey with your thoughts linking with mine.

So please hang around next month too and join in the journey. Let's go arm in arm together!


  1. What a beautiful angel, both how she looks and what she represents. What a great exercise to do and I like that your angel came from the heart and not what you have always assigned those heavenly beings.

    I too have been thinking about post AEDM and am going to be sad when it's over.

  2. Beautiful! I like the idea of being open rather than demanding something more in our lives.

  3. Louise, she's a beautiful angel!

  4. What a sweet angel. She needs to come and keep me company and spread her warmth to keep out the cold, dark and grey midwestern winter that is coming fast. She warms my soul.

  5. Love your angel she is beautiful! Love the lips! I also loved your Mulberry Tree, I think Van Gogh is my favourite artist, i was lucky enough to see some of his work at the national gallery last year and it was beautiful! Your piece was gorgeous too!!!

  6. Louise, I hope all my comments aren't driving you crazy. I just love your angel and your blog! Please do your male angel! Fabulous idea!