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Thursday, 11 November 2010


I promised something more substantial today and here it is:

This is Eve. I have wanted to paint her for ages now, but I haven't dared attempt her - not believing I could paint faces. Thanks to Willowing that is a negative belief I have been able to prove untrue. And she is my first blonde. My other success in this painting is the speed with which I produced it - from first sketch to finished product just two days. Now I know speed is not the point here and I want to cultivate a greater care in this new venture of mine, but in this instance it simply shows me what is possible.

Now what I am not happy with is the background. I need to do some serious practice with this. I need to get a lot braver. Look out for my progress...
The colours are another problem - both the background and the serpent. But you know what? I've learnt that's ok. I don't have to get everything right first time round. It's not about perfection; it's about expression.
I know I will paint this picture again sometime - different colours, darker background. I'm looking forward to it, though it won't be for a while...

What I am happy with though is my tree and Adam on that serpent-Eve pathway to where? Heaven or Hell? What do you think?


  1. Oh I love willowing as well... lovely piece and I think it's just all about trying and working towards bettering yourself always...we are all doing good and moving forward in our pace!

  2. I think you did a great job painting a face!

  3. It's beautiful, Louise. Filled with meaning, potential, and for me...much hope. Too much time has been spent "painting" Eve as the one who leads us down the Highway of Hell. Hardly. She's the one we should follow into curiosity, life, redemption, and strength. 'Love that you've let yourself risk in painting her. More!

  4. Beautiful piece, Louise! I love what you've done with her hair.

    And hooray for stepping beyond the negative voices in your head and creating anyway. yay!

  5. wow I really love this, the emotion, symbolism and color. Great!

  6. i think he's off to heaven ;)
    this is a beautiful piece of art..very creative and love the colours.

  7. good on you for taking the face drawing plunge! it came out great. but what's really beautiful here is your process, your acceptance.

    i had the best time drawing faces, once i let go of past perfectionism tendencies.
    isn't it truly amazing, that while the old masters worked and worked and worked at their art, we expect perfection in the first go?